Why Commercial Spaces are Better than Buying Ordinary Property or Spaces

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There are a lot of companies and business owners who go through the touch choices on whether to lease space from commercial buildings for their offices, or just own a normal building space. While, each has its shares of advantages and disadvantages, this article will help you become aware of the positive idea that commercial buildings for rent should be given premium in your task list.

Commercial Building For Rent In New Cairo

All businesses’ aim is for it to develop and grow progressively. After all, who wants to have a non-prospering business? This is why it is important to consider where you would want to expand your business or office. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning Typical Property

You won’t have to rent; but you will have to consider increasing costs.

When you purchase property or a building, you of course won’t have to pay for rent that could possible increase and that you may get up to fixed rates on up to 80% of the mortgage loan—depending on the institution you are loaning from. That means that most of the time, you wouldn’t have to worry about rent going up. If you are on mortgage, all you have to do is to wait up until your mortgage is paid off, thus eliminating more of your monthly payments. However, you can expect that your building’s property insurance and miscellaneous taxes to increase as years go by. 

You are in full control over your property, but full control comes with responsibility.

As you are the building owner, you can make the decisions on how to further alter or expand or even enhance your office/business building. This could give you leverage in enhancing the building in accordance to the reputation and image construction of your business. However, a downfall is that, because you now own a building or office space, you’ll be solely responsible for all the aspects related to your building—this includes proper financial management, maintenance and construction repairs. This could be a downfall because it can eat a whole lot of your extra time and focus on the real goals of your business.

You will have to go through the tedious processes of saving up for initial costs.

Buying a building would obviously cost you more than just leasing commercial spaces. You would have to go through processes and payments for property appraisal, for instance, or make a huge down payment just for your mortgage. If your business, office or company doesn’t have much cash on hand, then this might not be the best option for you. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning Typical Property

You won’t have to worry much on down payment.

Some commercial buildings may require deposits as down payments, but this would cost you a lot less than buying property. This can have a very fruitful effect on your cash flow and the amount of money possessed by your company. 

You no longer have to worry about costs for repairs or maintenance.

You may not have to spend money repairing and maintaining your office or commercial space which would save you ample time and expenses, helping you focus on the real goals of your business. Just like some of the commercial buildings for rent in New Cairo, these would usually depend on your lease terms. Although leases have potentials to increase, it would be worth it, since you won’t have to bother yourself with all the maintenance. 

You can be more productive, with a wide array of space choices.

With our intensely crowded market, it is known to have more leasable commercial spaces than actual buildings that are for sale. There are so many commercial spaces to choose from. In addition, the leasing process is shorter than the process you go through while purchasing. So, if you wanted to have your business started immediately thus seeing faster business growth, then it is preferred that you choose leasing on commercial buildings rather than buying some property.


In conclusion, considering where to have your business grow is a crucial factor in company and business development. Owning a building has its set of advantages and disadvantages, but overall, leasing a place for your business or office would be more cost-efficient and rational in securing every step towards your goal. It’s more affordable, and you won’t have to be distracted in handling and maintaining your own building. 

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